Saturday, July 30, 2011

Earlier Gift for My Niece

I forgot to post these pictures up. I made these before the ones posted yesterday. I sewed them when my niece was born. I love how the colours all tied up. The bib is reversible and the pattern is now available in my shop. You can sew it with the bias tape binding or without. Both options are included in the package. The booties are too cute. I plan on creating a pattern for that too so stay tuned. I sewed on some bright buttons for added cuteness!

Here is a close up of the dress. Very simple pillowcase dress. The buttons tie up all the accent colours and brings them out.

Little booties. I think I made them a tad bit too small so they may just have to be hung from the rearview mirror in her parents' van or over my niece's bed on the wall. I have to sew a larger pair. It was my first time sewing booties so I have to adjust the size. Maybe I'll make the pattern for this too...someday!

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