Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweltering Heat!

Gosh, it's getting pretty hot here! Temperatures hit about 38 C today. We're bracing ourselves for tomorrow. It will feel like about 48 C which is the first in my lifetime. We experienced temperatures like this when visiting the Middle East...and its common at times of the year. However in Canada, this is mighty rare. The worst part is that this heat wave is not going to seize any time soon. It may continue for the rest of the month and maybe continue into August as well.

Global warming and climate change has really made things different and our children will be experiencing things we have never seen before in our childhoods. We need to take action now and make major "green" steps to help this ailing planet. One day, this earth will be handed over to our children to take care of. We need to be an example for the the next generation. We need to become proactive.

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